Optical Fire Beam Detectors

Optical Fire Beam Detectors

Optical fire beams are smoke detectors for large, open areas like warehouses and halls or other areas where point smoke detectors would be uneconomical or restricted by the height or decoration of the building.

Optical fire beams work by transmitting an invisable beam from a transmitter to a receiver. Any smoke passing through this beam will change the pattern of the invisable beam, causing the signal at the receiver unit to vary. If this signal varies for a predetermined amount of time then a fire condition is reported to the buildings fire alarm system and the alarm is raised.

Building movement and accessibility have in the past, made beam detection unreliable, difficult, time consuming to commission and hard to maintain, but now by using the advanced motorised technology, the modern optical fire beam detectors are much easier to install, maintain and much more reliable. Modern optical fire beam detectors will self align themselves to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment with the reflector when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.

Beam Detector Mounting Positions

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