Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Installation

Emergency lighting is an essential life safety system that is quite often forgotten, until an incident happens. In the event of a power failiure in your building, your emergency and exit lights must remain lit for at least 3 hours, to allow people safe passage out of the building. To comply with BS 5266, it is imperative to maintain all emergency and exit lighting.

Traditionally, emergency lighting has used fluorescent tube technology. These worked well and served the purpose well for many years but this type of emergency lighting units are not really energy efficient and quickly burnt out their fluorescent tubes.

The new range of emergency light units which Fase Fire & Security Engineers install use LED technology. These are more energy efficient and the LEDs will last a lot longer, hence saving costs for maintenance call-outs and replacement tubes during routine emergency lighting service & maintenance visits.

Emergency Light Testing

Daily Emergency Lighting Tests

Emergency lighting should be maintained on a day-to-day basis. If you discover a unit which is not charging, not lit when it should be or the unit has been damaged in any way then this should be reported, investigated and recitified at the earliest opportunity.

Monthly Emergency Lighting Tests

Emergency lighting should be function tested every month. During this test, the power should be removed from the electrical circuit and all units checked to ensure they have lit. Following these checks, the power should be returned to the circuit and all units re-checked to ensure that the charge indicator is lit. Any emergency light units which fail these checks should be reported, investigated and recitified at the earliest opportunity.

6 Monthly Emergency Lighting Tests

Every 6 months, the emergency light units should be tested for 1 hour. Any units which fail this one hour emergency light test should be inspected to determine which componant has failed and then arrangements made for the units repair. This can be as simple are replacing the fluorescent tube or internal batteries. If the unit is the old fluorescent tube type then we would recommend that these be replaced with the new LED emergency light units.

Annual Emergency Lighting Tests

Every 12 months, the emergency light units should be tested for 3 hours. This is a full duration test and is how long an emergency light unit is expected to operate for on power failure. Any units which fail this test should be investigated and repaired as soon as possible.

The results of all testing and any necessary corrective action shall be recorded in a log record held on site and shall be made available, if required, for inspection by any authorised person.

For further information on Emergency Lighting testing, maintenance and legislation, please read this document created by the ECA.

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