Disabled Refuge & Emergency Voice Communication Systems

Disabled Refuge & Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVC)

Disabled refuge, emergency voice communication systems (EVC) and fire telephone systems are 'life safety' systems and therefore imperative that they work when needed – during a fire or other threatening emergency. Regular maintenance helps to ensure that these systems are kept in a fully functioning condition.

Disabled Refuge & emergency voice communication systems are designed to give two way, hands free communications in the event of an emergency. These systems often consist of a control panel and call stations located in designated refuge points throughout the building. In the event of an emergency, 2 way conversation can be made via this system, helping to locate and advise building occupants.

Disabled refuge & emergency voice communication (EVC) systems should be serviced at least bi-anually to the standard laid down under BS 5839: Part 9.

Disabled refuge & emergency voice communication service contracts

  • During routine service & maintenance contracts by Fase fire and security engineers we will carry out inspection of systems and provide Certificate of Compliance to BS5839 Part 9:
  • Each outstation will be operated and checked - ensuring that speech is clear and intelligible.
  • A visual inspection will be made to check that all outstations remain unobstructed and free from damage.
  • Batteries and their connections are examined to ensure that they are in good serviceable condition.
  • All controls and visual indicators at the master station will be checked for correct operation.
  • Where provided, all optional functions of the control and indicating equipment will be tested.
  • Connections to the fire alarm system or other life safety equipment.
  • All fault indicators will be checked, where practicable by simulation of fault conditions.

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