Aspiration smoke detection

Aspiration Smoke Detection

With aspiration smoke detectors, a pipe network is plumbed throughout the areas to be protected. Air is then continuously drawn from each area, via the pipe network, to a central detector that is continuously sampling for small traces of smoke. If the aspiration detector detects smoke then signal is sent to the main building fire alarm system and the alarm is raised.

These aspiration smoke detectors are highly configurable and, when correctly designed, can be installed to protect many different environments from data centres to office space, ceiling voids, even dusty environments.

Vesda Aspiration Sampling Point

Another benifit of aspiration smoke detectors is that they do not require the point detectors mounted on the ceiling. Instead, aspiration smoke detectors can use descreet sampling points (as shown in the small image) to draw in the air. As the pipework can be hidden behind plasterboard, a very discrete smoke detection systems can be installed. This is ideal for large private houses which do not want to see the fire detection.

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